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Can I view my waitlist position from the app?

Yes!  While on the main tab of the Benjamin app, if you navigate the "B" on the top left corner of your screen, you will see the option to click on 'Referrals." Click on this to see your most up to date waitlist spot.

Why do I need to sync my accounts?

The Benjamin app is run by our powerful artificial intelligence engine to analyze your financial activity and provide feedback to you based on our recommendations. Without syncing your outside accounts, such as your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc., we cannot provide you with the most optimal goals and recommendations!

Why do I need to provide my social security number for the app?

Due to regulatory requirements, we require your SSN to confirm your identity and sync your credit report. This is an essential step in verifying your identity, as well as enabling us to generate a wholistic view of your finances.

How do I sign up for the app?

If you are on the waitlist for the Benjamin Credit Card, and have indicated on the Benjamin Survey (found on the waitlist dashboard) that you would like to receive early access to the app, then you have taken all of the necessary steps to be eligible for early access. We will notify you if you are selected to be an early beta user of the app.

If I only sync one or two accounts with the app, will that impact my credit card terms?

The credit that Benjamin is able to extend to you is dependent on our ability to evaluate your financial situation in a wholistic manner. For this reason, the more accounts that you sync with us, the better and more accurate an understanding of your finances, which in turn can improve your credit terms.

When will the advisory services be available?

Benjamin is currently testing advisory services with a select group of beta app users.  Our tentative broader release for advisory services is in 2022.

What does Beta Testing mean? Is my data safe?

Beta testing refers to the current stage of the Benjamin App. Right now, if you are a beta user, you are part of the exclusive group of that have been granted access to the app, before it is released to the general public for download. In this stage, the Benjamin App requires dedicated invites for access.  Most importantly, Benjamin does not sell user data, or share data without your permission, according to the terms of the Benjamin Privacy Policy.

We also meet the highest standards of security and encryption of sensitive data.  For more information on how your data is treated, please visit benjamin.finance/policies to read our privacy policy.

Can I sync and bank account?

Benjamin supports most major banks and credit unions in the United States.  If you do not see your institution listed, feel free to send an email to helpme@bhgroup.finance to request that it be added.

When is the card section going to be available?

The Benjamin Credit Card is scheduled to be released soon. You can see the most up to date information on your waitlist dashboard.

If I have access to the mobile app, am I approved for the credit card?

Receiving access to the app does not mean that you have been approved for the credit card. These two events are entirely independent of one another.

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